Front Row Conference

Everyone Gets A Front Row Seat

Front Row Conference is a digital conference created to give anyone access to the digital economy. Since conferences don’t take place at a physical location, but rather virtually, anyone can have a front row seat from the comfort of their screen to talks from experts and industry leaders from many different sectors of the digital economy. Learn about getting your front row seat now!

Break The Barriers To The Future

Our virtual conference was created and developed to give anyone who wants it access to an economy and the opportunities within it that they might not otherwise have. We believe the future world of jobs, careers, and job creation is digital. We want to give people access to that world. Front Row Conference tries to remain eclectic and offer information on a multitude of topics, niches, and industries from digital media and web development to computer programming and artificial intelligence.

Past Conferences:

April 2018 – Data Science, Big Data, and Business Analytics

August 2018 – Levels Of Programming Knowledge

February 2019 – The Digital Media Landscape

August 2019 – Small Business In The Digital Economy

February 2020 – The Many Faces Of Internet Marketing

March 2021 – Remote Collaboration (Via Zoom)

Past Keynote Speakers:

Xander Wolff – Internet Entrepreneurship

  • Xander shared about his experiences operating internet startup companies. He emphasized the value in having diverse projects. He himself has a large and diverse asset of web assets. He dove into learning about the adult industry and developing some of the best free sex apps and how he targeted casual daters around the world. He also shared wisdom regarding moving from the adult social networking space to more mainstream projects.

Daryl Winbush – Data Scientist/Founder Of Data For All

  • Daryl delivered the keynote address to open our conference on data in the digital economy. He also highlighted the non profit company that he founded, Data For All, which aims to provide opportunities to learn about data science at high schools in under served areas.

Ellis Hansen – Skills For Career Shifts

  • Ellis shared his own experience of developing his adult social networking company, LSF Media, while working at a job that he knew couldn’t sustain his future. He discussed his experience and the value of learning technical skills in order to execute his entrepreneurial vision on his own. Ellis also fielded questions about his process of going from idea to development of free hookup websites and apps.

Heather Tran

  • Heather opened the conference about computer programming discussing the value of understanding programming as well as learning to program and framing the topic of programming as a democratic form of mass communication.

Mindy Klondistch

  • Mindy discussed the diversity of experiences that she had leading up to her current consulting company. Detailing the lessons she learned from joining a startup in college to launch a milf dating app to leading development teams in the health space and beyond.