Our Favorite E-Commerce Platforms

What Are the Various Types of E-commerce Platforms Online?

In the recent days, many of them are selling their products online. For selling and gaining profits, you really require an e-commerce platform. The e-commerce platform is the program or software where it enables you in creating and managing a store online. You are going to utilize this software for managing your site, functions, products, and all the things regarding the sales online. However, it is crucial to find the better e-commerce software which is not easy always. As the market is flooded with many solutions of e-commerce of all sizes and types. You can find wide variety of choices which seems to be the best solution for your particular circumstance. It is your responsibility to find the one which is best suit your needs.

Discussing different e-commerce platforms

Let’s discuss about various e-commerce platforms which best suits your business requirements.

  • Shopify

It is the popular e-commerce platform present in the world. About e-commerce businesses of one million are powered by this solution of e-commerce. It is easier to utilize and set up your business. It is the best choice for the sites of e-commerce which doesn’t consists of in-house technical assets. The great thing about utilizing this e-commerce platform is that is versatile and many of the little businesses and large-scale functions use this platform. It offers support for 24/7 which lets you access the plan of Shopify before you even sign up.

This e-commerce software lets you utilize it for selling the items from your online store and also through social media, in person, and in online marketplaces. You can drag and drop builder in a simple manner to construct a fresh website of e-commerce from the scratch. Every theme is optimized for mobile devices which is needed to maximize your conversions on the web. It is integrated with about applications of 3200 on the app store of Shopify. It offers three kinds of various base plans such as basic shopify, advanced shopify, and shopify.

For fitting your requirements, high volume stores seek solutions of enterprise grade. You can start with entry level plan which comes with best highlights such as professional reports, best discounts for shipping and processing of payment, and gift cards.

  • BigCommerce

It is offering solutions of e-commerce since the last decade. More than 17-dollar business is processed in merchant sales. This is similar to the e-commerce platform shopify which is all in one platform for offering all the things required to sell on the web. It consists of a greater number of highlights with built in features. Even though few of them might be shocked with its highlights and capabilities. Yet for individuals who wish to take advantage of these additional highlights. It is good to know that you don’t need to pay for additional operations.

This e-commerce platform makes it simple for you in managing the sales across various channels. The framework has excellent popularity in terms of loading speed, security, uptime, and other metrics of performance. Bigcommerce provide unique solution for the wholesale shops, wordpress users, and B2B stores. This platform has particular choices for stores of e-commerce in various industries. If you are beginning a fresh online store from scratch or scaling your small business into world of e-commerce. It also offers different plans standard, pro, and plus.

  • 3Dcart

It is the e-commerce platform which is present for twenty years. It consists of merchant’s pf 22000 utilizing the platform. It is not prominent like BigCommerce or Shopify. But it is the amazing choice to consider for the e-commerce users who are advanced. The one who wants to build online stores in the past are suggested to use 3Dcart. This e-commerce platform has the abilities which can use of. It doesn’t provide builder of drag and drop such that you are required to understand development and coding to personalize you templates and themes. It stands out as the better e-commerce platforms with SEO tools are built in. Same as BigCommerce, every plan has condition in online sales if you update to the next tier. It consists of highlights incorporate 24/7 customer support, no transaction fees, integrations with third party online marketplaces, web hosting, free domain for one year, 200+ payment gateways. And web hosting etc.

The drawback of this e-commerce platform for maintaining your site as it is not a user-friendly site. It consists of designs and themes which are not outdated at all. It comes with the free trial of fifteen days and it is backed with the thirty-day guarantee of satisfaction.

Thus, these are the best e-commerce platform where you are selling your products online. You can acquire profits for selling your products using these platforms and earn lots of cash then grow your business a bit more. You can also use this e-commerce platforms as the start up to begin your business from scratch.